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 I offer voice and piano lessons to all ages and levels of serious music students at my home studio in Sisters, Oregon. My teaching philosophy is an extension of my musical background: once a student learns some basic fundamentals, whether as a pianist or vocalist, he or she has the tools to explore any style of musical performance. Add some creativity, energy and fun and the student's natural talents will emerge.

Voice Lessons — Private lessons are tailored to fit your interests in classical voice and/or Broadway performance.

30 minutes, $30  /  45 minutes, $45  /  60 minutes, $60

Piano Lessons — Recent research shows that studying piano actually makes you smarter. Sign up for lessons today!

30 minutes, $30  /  45 minutes, $45  /  60 minutes, $60


"I am tuly blessed to have had Jeanne Wentworth as my teacher through my formative years. She helped shape me into the musician I am today." read more...

"While Jeanne undoubtedly helped me to improve my vocal skills and technique, she was much more than simply a voice instructor---she was also an incredible mentor, who helped me to become a better person inside and out." read more...


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