Review from student Mindy Brooks

I am tuly blessed to have had Jeanne Wentworth as my teacher through my formative years. She helped shape me into the musician I am today.

Jeanne worked on not only the rhythmic aspect of the music but the emotional part of it as well. She taught you to feel the music and would often make you question, what was the music trying to say? With that knowledge and passion I could truly transform myself and really act out the song.

Throughout the time I studied with Jeanne, I had countless singing competitions to get ready for. She helped me learn all the different pieces in preparation for the audition. Many times I placed in the top five, again because of her wonderful teaching methods.

Even as I entered college, my talent was able to grow because of Jeanne Wentworth and the amazing music foundation she gave me. My life is truly touched because of her and her amazing knowledge of music.

Now as a music educator and mother, I can only hope to be able to shape the musical world like Jeanne Wentworth!